death metal triangle INSTA IFS

Insta IFS is a simple realtime iterated function system (IFS)
modelling applet. Insta IFS is cabable of generating many
IFS fractals, of which some well known ones are included as
presets in the list below. Pick Preset 1 (Default) is you want
to create your own fractal from scratch.


1-Default (None)
2-Seirpinski Triangle
3-Cantor Dust
4-Seirpinski Carpet
5-Cantor Set
7-Death Metal Triangle
8-Box Fractal

-Make sure to turn off
any popup blockers as
Insta IFS creates a
new window

-If you must click the
applet to put it in
focus and an unwanted
point is added, delete
it using the spacebar.
Select PointMove Mouse
Add PointLeft Mouse Button
Remove PointSpace
Rotate Selected Point9 or 0
Rotate All Pointso or p
Rotate Entire Fractalk or l
Scale Selected Point- or =
Scale All Points[ or ]
Scale Entire Fractal; or '
Move Selected Pointa/s/w/d
Move Entire FractalShift+a/s/w/d
Change Iteration Total. or /
Change Samples Per Framen or m
Change Sensitivity1 through 6
Hide Pointsg
Hide Info.h

Screenshots of the Presets

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Note: Insta IFS requires the Java Virtual Machine to run. Get it here.
Copyright © 2007 by Pawel Mikolajczyk. All rights reserved.