Click the edge of the fractal to zoom in!

Infini Mandel is an infinitely-zoomable Mandelbrot set viewer applet capable of rendering in a variety of color palettes which can cycle through colors in realtime. Infini Mandel has been successfully tested to magnifications as high as 1090.

Click to zoom, and once things starts to look blocky, turn on arbitrary precision math and adjust the render resolution and precision as needed. Note that arbitrary precision math is much slower than regular math.

(APM = Arbitrary Precision Math)
Zoom In/OutLeft/Right Click
Change Palettep
Change Color Cycling Speedi or o
Change Iteration Total9 or 0
Change Zoom Per Click- or +
Toggle APMSpace
Change APM Precision[ or ]
Change APM Resolution; or '

Screenshots of the Palettes

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Note: Infini Mandel requires the Java Virtual Machine to run. Get it here.
Copyright © 2007 by Pawel Mikolajczyk. All rights reserved.